Should you refill your printers ink cartridges? HP says no c

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Because the print heads or the nozzles on the print cartridge, she said, after youve used them until the ink is gone in the cartridge, the quality of those change. Theyre not going to print necessarily the same way as they did for the first run. Gingras then touted an HP-commissioned study of business customers that showed reprinting inspired by the resulting poor quality offset the environmental savings of reusing or remanucturing that cartridge.

Well for one thing, HP reps told me last week that, at least with their products, it doesnt work.

I must admit, HPs reasoning here made some sense to me. While I was touring the companys North American cartridge recycling plant in Smyrna, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville), during the typical dog-and-pony presentation before the main event, the subject came up and our guides were remarkably willing to discuss (and defend) their position when we seemed (at first, anyway) to be more interested in that than in the actual recycling process wed been invited to witness.

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high-profile places like Walgreens, and many others withinstructionson how todo it yourself. And its easy to see why that idea is so attractive: You replace the only part of the cartridge thats spent, and pay only a fraction of the price youd spend on a full replacement. What could possibly be wrong with the setup?

Should you refill your printers ink cartridges? HP says no (of course)

ByMatthew Murrayon April 24, 2012 at 10:13 am

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hp cartridgeShould you refill your printers ink cartridges? HP says no (of course)

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If youve been paying any significant attention at all over the last several years, youve undoubtedly heard or seen advertisements for businesses that promise to save you money on printer ink cartridges. Specifically, by letting you refill the ink once it runs out, rather than forcing you to buy an entirely new cartridge. A quick Google search turns up tons of options, some from

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Jean Gingras, environmental program manager of the Americas Environmental Leadership Team, explained it this way: For example, if you have a glass and you drink water out of it every day, as long as you wash it the quality of the water doesnt change. But with a cartridge, weve done studies that show when you remanucture or you refill [it], the quality does change. And so that quality change can cause customers to reprint.

I know what youre thinking. Thats exactly what youd expect people to say if they work for one of the largest printer manucturers in the world. To which I can only reply: Uh, yeah, youre right. A company in HPs position has every reason to downplay this cost-cutting measure, so anything you hear about it from someone at the company itself deservedly needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I couldnt agree more. In ct, I brought my shaker from the kitchen and put it right next to the computer.Should you refill your printers ink cartridges? HP says no computer ink refill stores(of course

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