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toner kyocera original Get a genuine advantage with original KYOCERA tonerCounterfeit toner is manuctured and packaged to look like an original KYOCERA. However, it certainly wont deliver the same quality, reliability and performance. Ensure youre getting the genuine article by purchasing through KYOCERA.

For optimum performance we recommend genuine toner by KYOCERA Document Solutions,kyocera 3550ci toner which is specially designedforyour device. Toner particles of the incorrect size can lead to poor print quality with streaky grey background or ghosting onthe page. KYOCERA Document Solutions toner contains ceramic cleaning beads which are essential to ensurethe printer drum is clean and particle free. This is particularly important as our drums are designed to last several hundred thousand copies.A KYOCERA original toner will either have the KYOCERA Document Solutions logo moulded into the toner cassette or thetoner will have a green KYOCERA Document Solutions label on it with white writing including our logo.

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For comprehensive information regarding genuine consumables and the risk related to non-original toners please download a copy ofourbrochure.

KYOCERA has received evidence that non-genuine KYOCERA toners have been circulated, distributed and sold within our sales territories. Its important to be alert to this issue because you as a customer can ce serious technical problems from using counterfeit toners. Such damage caused will also not be covered by your warranty maintenance agreement.

Theres only one way to avoid toner malfunctions and the hassle and expense of reprinting and thats by using original KYOCERA toner. It is only with original toner that your business can experience cost savings, high quality prints, and high device reliability with a lower environmental impact.

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